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Super messed up situation!

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 12, 2019

This post about Aaron Greenspan's "Think Foundation", a fraudulent "charity" that is engaged primarily in harassing Tesla customers was originally psoted on Medium. After Elon Musk responded, Aaron Greenspan had Medium remove the post. M's testimony has been reposted here. Aaron has spent a shocking amount of time attempting to hide this information, despite the fact that everything here is publicly visible on Twitter. Despite his intense efforts, the truth about Aaron's harassment will come to light.

NonProfit PlainSite Attacks People Online

There is a guy by the name of Aaron Greenspan who hates Tesla very much. His hatred has made his heart angry and bitter and has turned him into a stalker who uses his 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization to attack Tesla owners and supporters online. Before we dive into his list of victims with screenshots of his attacks, let’s take a look at his charity and the people who support it.


PlainSite is a joint venture with Think Computer Corporation and Think Computer Foundation (both owned and operated entirely by Aaron) which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the United States. According to GuideStar, it’s mission is to use technology to assist people with disabilities.

EIN: 34–1937820

Address: 20560 SHELBURNE RD SHAKER HTS , OH 44122
Principal Officer: Aaron Greenspan

Who Supports This?

Russel Mitchell of the LA Times is a contributor even though he has been told by multiple sources that PlainSite attacks and bullies people online. It seems that the LA Times is fine with their reporters contributing to online bullying.

Russ Mitchell Tweet

He's not alone: reports at reputable outlets such as Bloomberg and CNBC that covers Tesla often cite PlainSite as a "legal non-profit". Perhaps they are unaware of the online bullying or look away since they have not been targeted. As far as I can tell, no news organization publishing anti-Tesla information from Plainsite has disclosed that Aaron Greenspan is shorting Tesla's stock, meaning he will make money if the share price declines.

Aaron Short Position
Bloomberg Plainsite Story CNBC Plainsite Story

Victims of PlainSite

Omar Qazi

The first victim is Omar Qazi, a well-known member of the Tesla community who owns a Tesla and is outspoken about his support via a popular parody account. PlainSite even has a profile for Omar which is creepy.

Aaron's harassment of Omar started earlier this year, on Omar's birthday. That day Aaron decided to "doxx" Omar, or post his identity and location online in an attempt to intimidate him, as well as encourage others to harass and possibly harm him as well. The Think Foundation non-profit's "PlainSite" Twitter account was used to perform the doxxing. The reason Aaron decided to engage in this targeted harassment from his charity's Twitter account is that he did not like a tweet that Omar has posted about him on his @tesla_truth twitter account. Have you ever seen a charity engaged in retaliation efforts like that?

facebook birthday Doxxing Attempt 1
Doxxing Attempt 2
Doxxing Attempt 2

Not able to let Qazi's online comments go, Aaron Greenspan set out to search for information on Omar. His objective was to attempt to incriminate his opponent, hoping to either force Qazi to face legal action or perhaps simply hoping to find material that could be used for extortion.

On July 22, 2019 at 1:17 AM, awake and fuming with anger, Greenspan posted about a discovery he had made searching for evidence against Qazi: a private fundraising website that Greenspan alleged was a violation of securities law. Greenspan made an empty threat to sue Qazi's company for libel, presumably over because of a tweet that he didn't like. Again, this was done using a Twitter account supposedly belonging to Aaron Greenspan's "charity", the Think Foundation and their PlainSite joint venture.

Fundraising extortion attempt

Qazi often makes videos about Tesla's Autopilot functionality. During one video, while checking on the camera he failed to notice a yellow light. By the time he noticed he decided it would be safer to continue across the intersection than stop, but Tesla's Autopilot warned him about the red light.

After Qazi tweeted about this red light detection feature, Greenspan copied the video to a YouTube account supposedly owned and controlled by his Think Foundation charity, including Qazi's full name and location. It's not clear why this was done, and why his charity tweeted about it, but it can be presumed that he wanted to embarass Qazi, portray him as unsafe, or maybe even have him cited for a traffic ticket.

At this point Greenspan had also spread conspiracy theories accusing Qazi of (among other things) comitting murder, posessing and distributing child pornography, sending death threats, and doing all this because he was paid by Elon Musk and/or Tesla. Unfortunately there is simply too much to get into as we have several other people who were harassed to dicuss as well.
Fundraising extortion attempt

Amazingly this YouTube video, uploaded for no other purprose than harassment and intimidation, was uploaded from the charity's YouTube account and filed under the category "Nonprofits & Activism".

On October 9, 2019 Bloomberg Businessweek ran a feature on AutoPilot that included an interview with Qazi.

Greenspan was so enraged by the interview that he threatened to sue Elon Musk and Omar Qazi. He also publicly lashed out against the journalists behind the piece, claiming Qazi had deceived them into thinking he was an ordinary customer when in fact he was an employee of Tesla. These allegations are of course false. Lawsuit Threat
Journalist Threat
bleh 1
bleh 2
bleh 3

Believe it or not, these tweets don't even begin to scratch the service of the targeted harassment of Qazi perpetrated by Aaron Greenspan's Think Foundation Charity, and their PlainSite joint venture. However, we must move on as Aaron has harassed many other innocent people as well.

Johnna Crider

Johnna Crider is a writer and an artist. She writes for CleanTechnica. At first, PlainSite tried to discredit her as an author by wording tweets to insinuate that she is an ill-informed artist.
j 1
j 2

When attacking her credibility didn’t work, PlainSite then started making insane accusations about Johnna by wording tweets to insinuate that she is a source of fake Twitter accounts and claiming her account has Nigerian bots. bots


Viv is a young woman and college student in Germany who is a fan of Tesla, Elon Musk, and SpaceX. Elon Musk has interacted quite a lot with her this year and it landed her in a position to be targeted by PlainSite. Viv is also a talented video editor who uses her skills to make beautiful Tesla and SpaceX videos for the communities to enjoy.

PlainSite also accused another user, Pauline, who actually stalked Viv and drastically changed her appearance to look like more like her, of being the same person. The nonprofit organization also accused them both of working for Tesla — which would not be a crime if the accusation were true.

The night this thread was posted Viv was in tears, worried that her career prospects might be affected given her upcoming graduation. Viv is not employed by or affiliated with Tesla in any way. Once again, remarkably, this harassment of a college aged girl was executed by Aaron Greenspan's Think Foundation charity, using the official Twitter account for the comapny's PlainSite joint venture.

viv 1
viv 2
viv 3
viv 4


The account, affectionately known as 28 for short and for his love of puppies is the force behind the FrunkPuppy Movement. He is also an active-duty member of the US Military and owns a Tesla. He has kept his last name private, however via his own Twitter account, Aaron Greenspan doxxed his identity and his very private information regarding what he does for the military. I will be blurring that information out in the photos. His accusation is that Earl attacked disabled people which Earl has not done at all. To the contrary, Aaron has attacked him and many members of the Tesla community simply for owning a Tesla. Again, Aaron made a baseless accusation against a Tesla customer with 0 evidence, and included his personal infomration to direct harassment towards 28delayslater and his family. Notice how Aaron tagged Earl's employer, hoping to jepordize his career with an accusation that ended up being completely false. As Earl has two young children, this retaliation without confirming evidence not only jepordizes the account owner but his entire family.

earl 1
earl 2
earl 3
earl 4

Musk AF

Musk AF is another anonymous Tesla and Elon Musk Twitter account who supports Elon Musk and his companies. Just today, PlainSite has accused them of being a part of Tesla’s PR team. If any Twitter account has anything positive to say about Elon Musk or Tesla, Aaron accuses them of being an illegitimate account created by Tesla's PR team. The intention is to direct targeted harassment at these accounts and attempt to intimidate them into silence.
musk af

How To Fight Back

A nonprofit charity should not be bullying people online, but that's whats happening here. This supposed "charity" that "uses technology to assist individuals with disabilities" is financially supported by Tesla short sellers and members of the media who often criticize Elon Musk. However, we can fight back. All nonprofit organizations are regulated by the IRS. It’s really easy to report this one and you do not have to be a U.S. Citizen to report this fraudulent charity to the IRS.

  1. Download this form from the IRS
  2. Fill it out. You can do this anonymously and be sure to check the box saying that you want to protect your identity
  3. Send it to the IRS by mail, or email it to
  4. Be sure to use the name of the nonprofit: Think Computer Corporation and Think Computer Foundation. PlainSite is just their "project"

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